Welcome to our Member Gallery page… please take a moment to visit some of the lovely homes of our members. Our group has some very imaginative ways to display Hostas as you will see.

Plan your wedding in the beauty of the Hosta Garden at Nathanael Greene/Close Park.

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Thank you for these lovely pictures, Linda.

The pictures below are from JJ Averett’s beautiful garden in Nixa, MO
This is the lovely home of Roberta and Charles Stewart. They are fairly new to the Hosta Society and they live in Republic, Mo. They have much property that will be great for Hostas.
My thanks to Diana “Di” Duchscherer and her son Mark, for allowing me to venture around her beautiful property in Springfield. She, and her sons and daughter, have worked very hard over the years to make this such a beautiful place. It’s nice to have children who love to work with gardening and they help out a really great Mom. We had a nice visit and I learned a lot about her and her wonderful family.

Tom Lakowske’s Retirement Party

On November 9th the Greater Ozarks Hosta Society said so long to it’s long time president, Tom Lakowske and his lovely wife Cathy. Thanks to the help of Tom’s wife, Cathy, it was a TOTAL SURPRISE to him. About 40 members joined in to wish Tom and Cathy well and honor both of them with very nice engraved stones to thank them for their dedication to the GOHS.

Thanks to the many efforts of JJ Averett, Bob Childress, Gale and Becky Edwards, Pat Swackhammer, the evening was a huge success with fun for everyone.
We all wish Tom well, but we do hope he will comeback to spend time with us in the garden.

Sunday Picnic in J.J.’s Garden

Good food, great people and a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much J.J.

Picnic in the Hosta Garden

Lucky winner of the Fairy Garden given by Lee Coates.

Hosta Divide at the Botanical Center

Inside the Garden

Thank you Sandra Letson for these beautiful pictures